Is chiropractic treatment useful for treating tennis elbow?

Not Really. Adjusting the back does not help tennis elbow, at least in young people. If they are giving pt to the elbow, maybe.
No. Tennis elbow is an overuse strain of the elbow joint. Chiropractic theory woulds imply that the problem is due to subluxations compressing the nerves to this area (from the neck). The problem is mechanical in the joint and chiro has no benefit possible for this problem. See a physiatrist or orthopod for management of this problem.
Can be. A good trained chiropractor who knows his or her limitations can be very helpful with tennis elbow as adjunctive treaent.
No. Tennis elbow is caused by micro tears near the insertion of one of the muscles that extends your wrist. Which is the most effective treatment is controversial. Chiropractic treatment will probably not be useful. Options include immobilization, physical therapy for eccentric strengthening, electric stimulation. Surgery would complete the tear and then repair it.

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What is tennis elbow, and what does it feel like after treatment?

Overuse inflammation. Tennis elbow, aka lateral epicondylitis, is inflammation of the origin of the wrist extensor tendons. These muscles start on the outside of the elbow and go past the wrist. We use these muscles all day, everyday. Little injuries usually heal during rest. If they don't heal 100%, these little injuries add up over time. Adequate treatment should result in full recovery, a normal feel.

I hav tennis elbow laterally (age52yrs)what is best home therapy for its treatment? I'm taking ARCOXIA (90mg) twice, also did injections but didnt help

This problem actuall. -y a self limiting disease. If nothing is done & U modify Ur activities that cause the pain. Take a long time & I only rec PT & try a brace. Once U violate the extensor origin, U can have permanent problems. I found it hard 2 convince patients 2 follow my rec, but it works. I have injected some & they R a patient of Ur's 4 a long, , longtime. Same with surgery. Injections R progressing, tho.

What is the best treatment for tennis elbow?

Begin with rest. Begin with rest and activity modificaiton. Do not pull or lift things with your elbows locked out. Antiinflammatories can help, if you dont see an improvement with conservative measures sometimes surgery is indicated.

Can tennis elbow coexist with ligament injury? What kind of treatment you can advice?

Epicondilytis. Suggest injury to the ligament that attaches to that bone. Is a very common injury that is aided by rest, ice supportive devices and topical anti-inflammatory ointments. Once is all healed, specific strength program for forearms may keep you from reinjuring.

Is there any marine treatment for "tennis elbow"?

Marine? I am uncertain what youmean by marine. There is an exercise program that can help you. If your question is about water therapy I think an occupational therapist can help guide you in this program.

Should one go to a chiropractor for tennis elbow?

See an orthopedist. I think it best to see an orthopedist to get a definitive diagnosis and rule out other potential elbow problems I think that would be the best option regarding both diagnosis and treatment as an orthopedist, I see people with this virtually every day and have gotten difficult cases better.

What are good tennis elbow treatments?

Ice and exercise. Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is a common condition causing lateral elbow and forearm pain. Best treatment is regular icing, stretching and exercise. A good exercise regimen can be found online at www. Aaos. Org. A formal orthopaedic evaluation may be beneficial. Physical therapy can often help as well.
Many. Physical therapy for iontophoresis and phonophoresis, deep tissue modalities, stretching, and strengthening. Ice for 10-15 min 4 times a day, counterforce strap bracing, nsaids, and avoidance of the activity that aggravates. Occasionally a wrist brace is used and steroid injections can be considered for cases lasting months that don't respond. Surgery is rarely indicated.