Should I take human growth hormone therapy if I want to gain muscle?

No. Human growth hormone (hgh) has not been proven to produce significant performance enhancement and serious side effects are associated with its use including acromegaly, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and cardiomyopathy (the leading cause of death in HGH users). Most athletic organizations ban its use by their athletes.
HGH vs testosterone. Hgh has been used as the perverbial fountain of youth by the "rich and famous" for decades. Only more recently has it been fda approved for usage in adults shown to be deficient. Cost is still prohibitively expensive, and not covered by drug plans. Bodybuilders at the professional level use far higher dosages than the general public, meaning megabucks! Testosterones are a better choice.
No. Administering gh for the sole purpose of muscle expansion is not physiological and likely to cause harm more than good.

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Will shots of human growth hormone help me build muscle fast?

Not approved. Growth hormone is an anabolic substance, meaning it promotes the production of protein. It is not approved for such purposes, but athletes having using it as a performance enhancer and to quiken recovery of injured muscle. There are no scientific studies verifying this since it is not approved for such. Beware of going against nature's design, she will ask for payback.
Doping. Growth hormone does promote growth of lean body mass. However, gh can have terrible side effects when taken inappropriately: acromegaly, diabetes, raised intracranial pressure, very possibly higher risk for malignancy because gh may stimulate growth of cells with cancer potential. Not safe at all for someone who wants to add muscle and has no physiologic need for additional growth hormone.

(recombinant human growth hormone,rhgh) is one solution for achondroplasia treatment?

Short term effects. Some studies conclude that gh might be benefcial in the treatment of short stature in children with achondroplasia in the first 2 years of treatment.

Growth hormone therapy (hgh) for 18 yrs old female, 151cms, what to do?

Not effective. Growth hormone injection in a patient who has closed growth plates like this patient who is 18 y/o, doesn't help to make her taller. Growth hormone is effective as long as the growth plates are open. If you give an 18 y/o growth hormone, it may cause acromegaly and many other side effects and I do not recommend it for her. If she is shorter than mid parental height, should rule out turner syndrom.
Endocrinologist. Not exactly sure what your question is. Are you asking whether GH treatments are appropriate or helpful at your age - that depends on your individual skeletal maturity, but I doubt at 18 you will get much benefit from it. If an endocrinologist has determined thee may still be benefit, then just follow their instructions exactly, because you don't have a lot of time to get benefit yet.

Does growth hormone therapy really work in making you grow taller?

Only if appropriate. Growth hormone will only increase height if one is still growing. Once the growth plates ("epiphyses") have fused, or closed, one cannot gain further height. In general, the use of growth hormone to treat short stature is limited to children who have specific inherited abnormalities that affect their growth.
Additionally. Damage to the pituitary is another reason a child may require growh hormone.

Almost 5 Yo DD is very short, fit & active. I am short but hubby and others in family have good height. She is < 3 percentile. Growth Hormone Therapy?

Pediatric. Endocrinologist is the specialist you want to see after conferring with your daughter's pediatrician, GH therapy may be needed but assessment of other endocrine glands functions, bony age, habitus, constitution, growth and development, and other elements in history and physical exam are important before deciding which therapy is best for her, good luck.
Hard to speculate. About 3% of the normal kids fall in that range of height and would not benefit from growth hormone. A first step would be to have an x-ray done of her wrist/hand. Growth centers in those bones can reveal a bone maturity. A reading suggesting 5 or later would suggest she is genetically short. A reading of 4, just a late bloomer, 3 or earlier would warrant blood studies of her hormones. Start with her doc.

Can Growth Hormone therapy aid in recovering from sustained neuropathy? Or mild nerve damage? . Expert opinions only please.

Growth hormone Rx. "Growth hormone therapy" requires very particular indications. You question requires more history to answer accurately, but this therapy is not known to "help" with peripheral neuropathies caused by nerve damage. Consult an endocrinologist for advice.
I do not think so. I do not think growth hormone would benefit someone with neuropathy or nerve damage of any kind. There are other growth factors that these nerves need, and these are not available as medical treatment.

When are you too old to take HGH injections like humatrope (human growth hormone) to gain height?

When epiphyses close. The long bones involved in height have a shaft (diaphysis), flare end (metaphysis), and epiphysis (end cap of bone). When the epiphysis closes, the bone length will no longer respond to heightening growth. But it is not a precise science. Two main bones that affect height are femur and tibia. Each one can close anywhere from age 15 to 22. Soc needs to see x-rays, growth curves and take full hx.

Is it safe to take human growth hormone?

Safe if. Safe if used for intended medical purposes. Check with your doctor if you qualify for gh replacement.
HGH. Human growth hormone should onyl be taken under the supervision of a prescribing physician. Side effects of hgh use are substantial and can be life-threatening, including diabetes and cancer.