What are the symptoms of ulnar nerve entrapment?

Funny bone?! It's not so funny when you hit the "funny bone" on your elbow. You feel pain and tingling along the side of your arm which shoots into your ring finger and pinky. This can be triggered by bending your elbow for a long time when you're talking on the phone or laying on your side.
Ulnar nerve probs. When the ulnar nerve is compressed, there may be burning, tingling or numbness in the pinky and ring fingers. If it is severe, there may be weakness of the muscles that flex (curl) the fingers, spread the fingers apart, and hold the fingers together. Ulnar nerve damage normally causes hand weakness.
Ulnar Nerve. Symptoms early in the process include intermittent numbness & tingling in the small and ring finger. It then progresses to persistent symptoms. In late stages, the hand may feel weak and clumsy. You may notice that the affected hand looks skeleton-like, as a result of atrophy involving the intrinsic hand muscles.