What is the difference between exercise science and sports medicine?

See below. In addition to earlier answers. To further clarify the difference, the american board of orthopedic surgery has created an examination to provide board certification in orthopedic sports medicine. The goal is to certify a subset of orthopedic surgeons who have a "unique body of knowledge and area of practice" in sports medicine. Ask you orthopedist if he has board certification is sports medicine.
Sports medicine. Sports medicine refers to an area of the practice of medicine by professional who are often medical doctors. Exercise science refers to that body of information and scientific studies concerning the dicipline of studying exercise. This information is often used in the practice of sports medicine.
The difference. Exercise Science refers to the bodies mechanics/physiological activity during exercise. Sports Medicine is the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sports related injuries.
SPORTS HEALTH. Exercise science is the science of the human movement & helping people live healthier lives through exercise, rehabilitation & nutrition. You can acquire associates, bachelors, masters & doctorate degrees in this discipline. Sports Medicine is it a recognized medical subspecialty available to licensed physicians after completing medical school and residency training. .
Different topics. . Sports medicine is the treatment , rehab and prevention of sports injuries, while exercise science is all about proper exercise techniques and movements. Sports medicine can include some exercise science training.
Science & Clinical. Generally, exercise science deals with the basic science of sports and exercise. Sports medicine is performed by physicians to work with patients to improve an aspect of health. In general, exercise science to involves researchers, while sports medicine is practiced by physicians. The two fields work together to bring to improve the treatment and performance of athletes.