Is there a type of physical therapist that deals specifically with sports injuries?

Yes. Just like physicians, some physical therapists specialize in treating athletes. Some therapists utilize certified athletic trainers to assist in the treatment of sports injuries. Most school, college, and pro teams coordinate the care of their athletes using pts and at-cs to treat and prevent injuries. Some add massage, manipulation (osteopathic or chiropractic), and other treatment modalities.
Some specialize. There are certainly physical therapists that specialize in the treatment of sports injuries. Most medium to large communities will have them listed in the phone book.
Yes. The professional that you're inquiring about is an Athletic Trainer. Athletic Trainers are licensed to evaluate and treat sports related injuries.

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I have been previously diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my back and it just keeps getting worse despite going to a physical therapist. I play three sports at a prep school and my main sport is hockey so I really want to be ready for the season. My injury

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What willit take to become a physical therapist in sports medicine?

Masters or PhD. That's a great question. First a pt undergrad degree and lots of experience in sports medicine. Most go on to get a masters or phd in pt as well with some research work. Then intern with an amazing group that will give you experience treating athletes.
Sports therapists. As a matter of semantics you are talking about a sports physical therapist not sports medicine which implies a doctor. Many physical therapists who have special interests in sports therapy had an undergrad degree in athletic training making them a pt/atc. Many physical therapy degrees are now going on to the doctorate level; i.E, a doctor of physical therapy; but they cans subspecialize.

What is the difference between sport physical therapist and an athletic trainer?

Degree and boards. A sports physical therapist is a physical therapist with a focus on sports medicine and athletics. They are typically board certified with an advanced professional degree in physical therapy. An athletic trainer can also be certified, but typically does not have an advanced professional degree. Until recently in California, seeing a physical therapist requires a prescription.
Level of training. Generally, Physical Therapists have a more stringent 4 year training program followed by licensing. They can gain additional levels of training, skill and knowledge (ex. DPT=Doctor of PT). With athletic trainers, the licensing is less stringent and quality/knowledge levels can vary dramatically. Sports PT's are PT's with subspecialty in sports injury and training.

What is the difference between a sports therapist and a physical therapist?

Depends. I am not sure what a sports therapist is. My guess is that there is a sports medicine provider, who is usually a fellowship trained md or do (physician). The other option would be a physical therapy is further specialized to work with sportsmen. He is essentially a physical therapist who has special interest in and focus on sport related injuries.
See below. Both have the same training one just specializes in sports injuries.

Are there differences between a physical therapist and a sports physical therapist?

More specialized! Both therapist recieve the same basic training, but the sports therapist focuses on sports injuries and associated rehabilitation. They are usually part of a team which takes care of athletes, composed of orthopaedic surgeons and athletic trainers.

How can I train to be a sports or orthopedic physical therapist?

College. Apply to pt school very competive often harder to get into than med school 3years pt school after4year degree good luck ask to shadow a therapist.

Which the difference between sports medicine physician and a physical therapist?

Sports Docs. Some physical therapists have a doctorate in physical therapy but are not physicians. Sports medicine physicians have added training or interest in sports medicine. The added training may be a formal fellowship or years of experience treating athletes. You need to dig deep ANS research the doctor before you go. Athletes are a good source for information.
Different roles. Sports medicine mds go through medical school and residency training. Typically non-operative sports med does family practice or internal medicine. Operative sports medicine is additional training after orthopedic residency. Pt does a separate school, usually a masters or doctorate degree in physical therapy- which is exercise and activity based rehabilitation.
One Is a doctor. Sports medicine physicians are md or do and have, on average, gone to 4 years of med school, 4-5 years of residency and one year of fellowship. They have the ability to diagnose, treat, perform injections, provide manual therapy, prescribe medication and perform surgery. Physical therapists help with rehab by doing/teaching exercises, manual therapy, modalities, but usually require an rx from md.
Different training. A sports medicine physician completed medical school (4 years), residency (3-5 years), and sports medicine fellowship (1-2 years) and is a doctor who can order tests, prescribe medications, prescribe physical therapy, some give injections, some are surgeons. A physical therapist treats patients with hands on treatments.

What's the difference between a sports medicine physician and a sports-centered physical therapist?

Treat independently. In most states, pts are not allowed to treat (pharmacologically and non-pharmacologically) independently, they would need physician's (md/do) written prescription.
One's a DOCTOR. Lots of folks like to hang out a shingle advertising sports medicine! Be careful. Not all are fellowship trained. True sports medicine should imply an md or do who is fellowship trained. A sports interested physical therapist is a great way to define a physical therapist who wants to care for athletes. Other titles: sports chiropractor, athletic trainer, sports psychologist are exactly that.
Different training. A sports medicine physician completed medical school (4 years), residency (3-5 years), and sports medicine fellowship (1-2 years) and is a doctor who can order tests, prescribe medications, prescribe physical therapy, some give injections, some are surgeons. A physical therapist treats patients with hands on treatments.