How long does it take to recover from broken collar bone?

Collar bone. Varies depending on severity of fracture, displacement, age of patient, smoking status, etc. In general, most fractures that are minimally displaced will heal in 6-8 wks. Most displaced fractures can take longer and may not heal at all. Surgery may be needed to approximate the ends of the bone if widely separated.
6 weeks to 6 months. Most clavicle fractures heal uneventfully allowing a return to non-contact activities within 6-8 weeks with longer recovery times for contact or collision activities. Displaced fractures often take longer to heal and, in some instances, may require surgical treatment. Treatment decisions, including return to activity, should be made in consultation with a physician with training and expertise.

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How long will it take for a broken collar bone to heal?

Weeks - Months. It depends what type of fracture occurs as well as the location in the clavicle. Usually it is about 6 weeks but sometimes it can be a few months.
Variable. Assuming a good reduction can take several months to heal completely. May never heal. If it is painful needs evaluation.

How will having broken collar bone affect my long-term health?

It depends. Most likely no. You may have a lump over the fracture result from healing; some people do not like this from cosmetics point of view.
Should not. Majority of clavicle fractures heal uneventfully unless severely fragmented, shortened or located more at distal end of bone (closer to shoulder). Once healed there will likely be a prominence at the sight of healing but should not be painful. Persistent pain for more than 4-6 mos suggests failure of healing and surgery could be necessary to induce healing.