What is done for hypospadias?

Hypospadias repair. Pediatric urologists have most experience with this kind of surgery. Repair depends upon location of urinary opening & degree of chide (downward curvature). Distal hypospadias can be corrected with single operation. More extensive hypospadias ay require 2 stage repair with 4 - 6 months between stages.
Repair. The urethra is extended from its abnormal location to the tip of the penis, the penis is straightened if needed, and a circumcision is usually performed..
Hypospadius. A surgery is done to fix and move hole to more normal location.

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What is done during hypospadias repair?

Create normal penis. We try to repair in single stage, unless very severe with urinary opening at the scrotum & 2 stage repair is performed. Penis is straightened & urinary opening is advanced to tip of glans if possible.Penile shaft skin is dissected down to base to straighten, graft maybe required for severe chordee, or dorsal plication.Urethra constructed from skin flaps or buccal graft. Stent or catheter for urine. Read more...
Urethra is extended. In a hypospdias repair, the urethral opening is extended from its uriginal location (usually along the undersurface of the shaft of the penis) to the tip of the head of the penis (the glans). The extension can be created a number of ways either from local skin, the foreskin, or with a graft from another location. The penis is the reconstructed to have a normal cosmetic appearance. Read more...