Can psychological stress increase cortisol levels?

Yes...... The short answer is yes. The longer and still very inadequate answer is yes, but the effect can vary based on the type of stress, the chronicity of the stress, the age, gender, genetics and emotion traits of the individual being stressed and so on. Current theory would hold that the origin of many of the inflammatory conditions we face, including depression, can be found in question you ask!

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Can psychological stress or illness drive cortisol levels out-of-range higher or just higher within normal range?

Yes. They can raise cortisol levels which help improve memory and immunity in the short term, but may cause depression, lowered immune response, thyroid problems, elevated glucose, high blood pressure and decreased bone mass in the long run. Since you are on steroid injections for pain from a bulging disc, you could ask your doctor about other tx options if you are concerned about the side effects. Read more...