How to get kids to eat proper?

Start healthy habits. Creating healthy habits is a growing process that becomes a way of life: 1) Talk about food as "fuel." Desserts & candy are okay sometimes but don't fuel the body; 2) Let your kids grocery shop & make choices; 3) Exposure is important--encourage your kids to try new foods & preparations; 4) Forget the clean plate club; 5) Making eating fun; 6) Earn achievements. Ref.
Be Firm and Patient. Young kids will eat when hungry. I offer them choices for meals.If they refuse to eat, that is their choice.I inform them that they will have to wait until the next meal.Some choices are their favorites, but not always.If no meals, no snacks.Do not negotiate and do not allow them to "drink" a meal.If your are firm over 1-2 weeks the eating habits always improve.They will not starve.