Are stevia or xylitol safe sweeteners?

Maybe. Both products are advertised as coming from natural sources, so it would seem that they should be safe. They just haven't been used long enough yet to prove their safety.

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Are there any artificial/non-sugar sweeteners that are safe to use? I've read conflicting reports about the safety of Splenda, stevia, etc.

Amount-dependent. While they're presumed to be safe in small amounts, these artificial sweeteners have been found to be harmful (at least to lab animals) in really high amounts taken over long periods of time. The key is to minimize its use over the long term, doing without it when feasible. . Read more...

Is stevia safe to consume for a person with high blood sugar levels vs. Artificial sweeteners?

Stevia. Yes, you can safely assume that stevia, per se, should not raise your blood sugar. However, stevia (and other sweeteners, whether artificial or not) is often coupled with foods or other ingredients that can raise your blood sugar. For example, a cookie that uses stevia as a sweetener, but still is composed of lots of processed flour, which raises blood sugar similar to sugar. Read more...