What is the best treatment for a hamstring strain?

Rest and stretching. For a grade 1 or 2 strains recovery involves rest, stretching, and controlled strengthening. Icing and stretching afterwards can be done a few times a day. When pain free full range of motion is attained through stretching, you may progress to controlled strengthening that would include stationary bicycle and eccentric exercises.
Physical therapy. Physical therapy involving temporary activity modification, pain control, flexibility, strengthening, and sport specific exercises is the best treatment.

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I have a really stubborn hamstring strain that just refuses to go away. I've had two sessions of physical therapy. The first lasted for about 8 weeks and the second was about four months. Yet, it still is not even close to being recovered. Is this som

Reevaluation. Two ailments may present the same way, one responding to a treatment that other does not respond to. Also, it can become more apparent as an ailment progresses what is going on. If current treatment is not working, then reevaluation is worthwhile as here may be something going on not previously evident. Sometimes a 2nd opinion is worthwhile, but reevaluation by the original doc is 1st step.
Chronic strain. How is your nutrition----and how much exercising are you doing? Frequently people are low on their essential amino acid and essential fatty acid intake----you need these too recover from heavy exercising and or injuries Hamstring strains are difficult to heal if the proper nutrition is not there 1gm/kg lean body wt if you are active 1.5 gm/kg lean body wt is needed.
Great Expectations. It might be the time for a new set of eyes to look at your problem. This can be uncomfortable to do at times, but six months is long enough. Might consider rethinking trying a new set hands in physical therapy also.
Hamstring Strain. As a podiatrist, I have athletes present with hamstring strains all the time. Since it is a form of tendinitis, I will send you my link on BRISS treatment for you to review. The most common reasons I have seen that standard treatments do not help are hamstring tears and undiagnosed sciatic nerve problems. Http://www. Drblakeshealingsole. Com/2010/06/briss-principle-of-tendinitis-treatment. Html.

Need advice on what is the the best treatment for a pulled hamstring?

With PT. Get supervised physical therapy to get the quickest & maximum results. Heed your orthopod's advice. Pain meds like nsaids pills &/or ointments to rub are helpful. Ice initially & after heat after 3- days help. Follow your pt's advise as well.