My cholesterol test shows a total cholesterol of 242 with HDL 62, triglycerides 115. Is there any alternative to statin? 33 yo mother of 1.

Find and Fix Causes. The first step is to determine why your cholesterol is elevated. Several inherited and acquired medical conditions will affect cholesterol levels. Second, if related conditions are identified i would treat those while also starting diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications. Visit the following site for general diet information: http://www.Mayoclinic.Com/health/cholesterol/cl00002/nsectiongroup=2.
Yes. Diet may work. Total cholesterol includes LDL (bad), HDL (protective), and triglycerides. Cholesterol is controlled by genes, hormones, diet and exercise. Your HDL and triglycerides are good so LDL is a problem. Dr dean ornish's plant based diet, low in animal fats/carbs and high in fiber, helped heart patients lower levels without medicine. Learn more through his books or classes at a local medical center.