How do you fully recover from dislocated shoulder?

Physical therapy. If you dislocate rarely, at your age, physical therapy may be all you need. The more often you dislocate, the more likely you are to need surgery.
Physical therapy. Once relocated, physical therapy begins on a progressive basis individualized to each patient with a goal to regain motion, strength, normal shoulder kinematics (coordinated shoulder and scapular motion) and confidence over the ensuing 4-8 weeks. Recurrence is strongly associated with age and activity level. Young patients (< 25) involved in contact sports have the highest risk of recurrence.
You must. First make sure the shoulder is reduced or put back in place then you must immobilize to allow ligaments to heal and then you must strengthen. Despite this you may require surgery.
Slowly. To fully recover from a dislocated shoulder you must give it time to heal. Then you must reeducate and strengthen the shoulder muscles. You should avoid excessive stress on the joint as reinjury to the joint is very possible.

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