Been on bystolic (nebivolol) for 2 weeks. My liver enzymes (ast & alt) are both always under 20. Got blood work yesterday & my enzymes were 32 & 45. Is it the med?

Drug Effect. Your assessment is correct., bysyolic is associated with elevations of ast & alt in addition to other lab abnormalities . Generally, this does not necessitate stopping the drug but there are individual variations. Consult with the prescriber of this medication for your specific concerns.

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I'm on bystolic (nebivolol). Synthroid and omeorazole daily. I got blood work and my liver enzymes were in range but still higher than normal. Ast-32 and alt- 42. Is it one of my meds?

Bystolic (nebivolol) suggests monitoring lfts if you take bystolic (nebivolol) but there's no mention of this for either synthroid or omeprazole. With that said, non-alcoholic fatty liver is a consequence of being overweight/obese so if that describes you, that would be the better choice (rather than stopping bystolic (nebivolol)) since losing weight could then lower your blood pressure, too. Chat w/your prescribing doc. Read more...