What are myofascial self-care therapies and myofascial tennis ball therapy?

Do It Yourself. Myofascial release techniques press on muscles, tendons and other soft tissue to release tension and relieve pain. Instead of having someone do this for you, you can do this yourself with balls or foam rollers. At home, at work or in the car. Rig up your seat. Or lay down on the floor. The humble tennis ball can help you heal. Take a deep breath and then sigh with relief. It feels great!
Or for feet. For plantar fasciitis use a cold 20 oz pepsi bottle filled and roll your foot over it 15 minutes twice a day!

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Treating RC injury w/ self therapy w tennis ball, pressing hard on my upper back on the side, could that be reason my upper arm hurts when extend?

See therapist. When you have an injury as serious as a rotator cuff, the rehab should really be under the guidance of a licensed OT or PT, unless you yourself are a therapist and understand the therapy. Once you have been to a therapist for a while, you can do self-directed therapy. Suggest you just see an OT and see if they can help you . Read more...