What are the typical physical therapy precautions for cardiomyopathy?

Talk to your doctor. Cardiomyopathy is a complex condition with varying types and severities. The condition is generally treated and monitored by a cardiologist. There are no "typical" precautions. It is imperative that you seek indiviualized, specific recommendations from your cardiologist with respect to your particular condition.
None per say. But sometimes cardiac rehabilitation is useful for newly diagnosed cases. Regular walking is often beneficial.

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What are the physical therapy precautions with cardiomyopathy?

A few. Patients with cardiomyopathy are at higher risk for lethal arrhythmia, so they should not be engaged in any activity that can trigger those. Most aerobic exercises excite the heart, so those should be trimmed to minimum. On the other hand, static exercises would be better tolerated. Also, symptoms like chest pain and shortness of breath will be your other important guides. Read more...