What physical therapy exercises are appropriate for weak knees?

Quadriceps strength. Weak knees usually refer to weak quadriceps. Simple straight leg raises and wall sits are great exercises you can do under he supervision of a therapist as well as on your own between therapy visits. Stationary bikes, swimming, short arc squats, leg extension against resistance are all additional exercises often used to strengthen the quadriceps.
Depends. It is difficult to answer which exercises are appropriate for weak knees as it depends on muscle imbalances in one's pelvis and leg. We would recommend an evaluation by a physical therapist to determine the specific muscle weakness that are contributing to your "weak knees". Looking at the entire kinetic chain is most important in determining your specific exercise program.

Related Questions

What knee exercises can I do for physical therapy during recovery?

Focus on quadriceps. Straight leg raises and quadriceps contractions are usually allowed and warranted to eventually allow for crutch free ambulation. Of course your specific injury and/or surgical intervention will ultimately dictate what you should do during your recovery. Your treating physician should be the best source of information for your specific knee injury.
That depends. On what your injury is. Your pt should be able to educate you in that regard. Good luck!

How can I do simple physical therapy exercises at home to strengthen the knees?

Exercise. Depends if you are rehabbing an injury - if so see a physical therapist first to develop a home exercise program. A pt will show you the best exercises to recover and how to do them properly so you don't hurt yourself further.
Knee strength. Short arc and straight leg strengthening of quads and hams, rotate outward slr to work vmo, progress as tolerated to lunges & squats, but be careful.

What are some good physical therapy exercises for my knee? I hurt it as weightlifter.

Stretch and Strength. Stretching is always the first step. Hamstring, iliotibial band and gastrocs are all excellent to stretch initially. After that, the quadriceps is the ideal muscle to strengthen to stabilize the knee joint.
Evaluation. First of all, you need to find out what you "hurt" because this will dictate what types of physical therapy exercise will be good and also what would not be good for you to do when rehabbing from an injury. So the first step would be to either see a sports medicine specialist, orthopedist or a physiatrist to get a diagnosis and then help you with a rehabilitation plan. Hope that helps.

My knee is grinding and clicking & locking. I already had one surgery. I've tried physical therapy, injections, exercises, meds. What can I do next.?

See details. This is a tough one as you want to avoid repeated arthroscopic procedures. However, locking is a concern. I would suggest an orthopedic reevaluation and a new MRI to start. You can always get more than one opinion.

How can I get my grandpa to do physical therapy for his knees?

May Not Be Able To. It is not always possible to get other people to do things they don't want to do. You can make the suggestion to go, offer to go with him, do the home exercises with him, etc. Sometimes making it into or tying it to a social activity, will increase their desire to participate. Check out local adult centers and fitness groups. Whatever his decision, be supportive.
Difficult. It can be difficult to get someone else motivated to do anything. They usually need to want to do it themselves. However, sometimes a doctor can help convince a person to undertake a treatment like pt.

Might going to physical therapy cure my runner's knee?

US with stearoid +. Activity modification, heat/ice, rest. Then prom-arop-pre gradual resupmtion on flat, then track with curves, then road work with slowly increasing 2 incline-hills. Rx"s are nsaids. Go 2 fast & u go backwarsd fast. B patient, follow orders.