How can I relieve arthritis pain with physical therapy?

PT for arthritis. A physical therapist can assist you with activities of daily living to reduce the stress on the joints affected with arthritis. Also treatments like wax dips to deliver heat to the joints and other exercises can be taught to help you.
PT helps arthritis . Pt (physical therapy) is a great treatment for arthritis pain. Ultrasound can minimize the inflammation caused by osteoarthritis. Electrical stimulation/tens alleviates the pain associated with oa(osteoarthritis). Therapeutic exercises restores the range of motion of the arthritic joint and improves strength of the muscles across the arthritic joint. Goals of pt are to minimize impairment.

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What type of physical therapy is used for arthritis pain?

Many. Heat and or ice is used for this. Gentle range of motion exercises is used. One may need limited splinting. Orthotics may be used. Occupational therapy may be needed to assist with activities of daily living. There are helps to limit the pain of stress and strain on painful joints. There my be electrical therapy with medications driven into tissues and joints. See your pcp or rheumatologist. Read more...
Therapeutic exercise. Stabilize and reduce pain in the joint by strengthening surrounding structures. Modalities can provide short-term relief but long-term therapeutic exercise and weight loss are best. Read more...