How long does laser therapy take to complete?

Lasers are different. There are many different lasers for just the skin. Then lasers for teeth whitening, cataracts, hemorroids, etc. V-beam laser for facial redness can take seconds to minutes depending on how many pulses and area needs to be covered. Fraxel restore and dual laser resurfacing can take twenty minutes for a whole face, less or more, depending on doing the neck, chest, hands, etc. Fraxel repair 1 hr face.
Laser. This depends on what type of laser therapy, the lenght of time of treatment for each treatment, and the condition for which the laser therapy is given.

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Ihave freckles and I wanna remove them does laser therapy works with it? And do they come back again? How long it take to appear again after treatment?

Unclear. FReckles are a dermatologic expression of pigment. Lighter complexion people may have more of them and they can be a heritable trait. Redheaded people tend to have the most. They can return after attempts at removal. You may not light them but when you try to destroy with laser you may get unsightly burns. Consult with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Read more...