How long will I need physical therapy for after a gunshot wound?

Gunshot wound. It depends on where the gunshot wound was located and what damage was done and what kind of recuperation that you need.
It depends. This can vary widely depending on the nature of the injury. It depends which boy part was injured, the extent of the injury, the degree of loss of function and severity of injury to organs, nerves, muscles, joints and bones. The answer would be highly individualized to the specific injury at hand.

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How long do you have to stay in physical therapy after recovering from a gunshot wound?

As long as it takes. This totally depends on the location and severity of the gunshot wound. The duration of therapy will be determined based on these factors and your response to the therapy. Work with your pt and follow their guidelines. Read more...
Listen 2 Therapist! It all depends on the area you were shot in really. The most important thing is to listen to what your therapist says. They will not keep you there more than you need. Read more...