What are good physical therapy exercises for fingers?

Stress ball. Squeeze a stress ball or tennis ball for 5 minutes per day. Opening and closing your hands and fingers widely will help to stretch. There's also a grip strengthening device you can buy at most sporting goods stores.
Depends. Exercises come in a passive and active variety. Passive means using your other hand (or someone elses) to move your fingers. Active means using the fingers itself. Best to employ both active and passive motion...But before doing too much, best to understand what the exercises are attempting to accomplish...May need to be seen by a physician or ot for guidance.

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What are physical therapy exercises for a finger?

Movement. It depends a lot what exactly was the injury to the finger. In general if the skin is intact, and there is no infection or stiches present. Washing dishes in warm water is a really good home therapy. The warm water helps to loose the joints, soften the skin, and provides a gentle task that you can easily control by using your hands. Read more...
Different ones. There are different exercises depending on what finger and what joint was involved. Using a tennis ball to squeeze is a good basic exercise. Read more...