What kind of treatment can I expect for a herniated disc at t7, and will I still be able to play football?

Time. 90% of thoracic disc herniations require no treatment. Tincture of time will be the number one treatment. I noticed that you are listed as 46 years of age, so what type of football are you playing? If just flag or touch football, then you can return once your symptoms have improved, but do so gradually. Make sure you tolerate running, changing directions, catching passes, etc. Before competition.
Thoracic Disc. A thoracic disc herniation can have much more serious consequences than in the lumbar spine. The spinal canal is smaller and as a result spinal cord compression is much more of a concern as compared to nerve root issues in the lumbar spine. There are minimally invasive techniques for deompression but without specifics regarding your case it is hard to know the best treatment. See a neurosurgeon.
Herniated disc. Depends on the cause and severity of the herniated disc. Usually your doctor will recommend against playing football as your neck will be more suseptable to worsening injury.