What are the benefits of sports massage therapy for athletes?

Loosening tight musc. It. Loosens tight muscles, aids with spasm, relaxes you, etc. Muscles glide on fascia, a slippery connective tissue, which also can become irritated or inflammed. It helps this as well. Finally, painful muscle, when pressed hard at the point of pain (called acupressure) will alleviate the pain afterwards and prevent spasm!
Improved Performance. Sports massage therapy benefits both the mind and the body. Benefits include increased blood flow, range of motion, flexibility, and elimination of exercise waste (lactic acid); decreased muscle tension and neurological excitability; and an increased sense of well-being. It can decrease the chances of injury and decrease recovery time. It can extend the overall life of your athletic career.
Muscle relaxation. A massage can relieve muscle tightness and tension. Some believe it helps them reduce soreness and improve recovery. Benefits vary from person to person. There is not a significant amount of medical literature to support general massage, but the risks are low. Consider your cost-benefit ratio.