I popped my knee cap out, how long before I can return to sports?

3-6 wks but variable. Initial patella dislocations are treated by reduction and immobilization. Once pain has resolved and motion and strength return (usually with therapy), progression toward normal activities is allowed. Bracing to help stabilize the patella is often utilized. Rarely, surgery is indicated to stabilize the unstable patella. Your orthopaedic surgeon will help determine the best treatment for your knee.
It varies. Generally, an isolated dislocation of the kneecap without associated injuries can be successfully treated with rehabilitation and bracing and allow a successful return to sports in 4-6 weeks. This can vary widely depending on patient factors, severity of the injury, dedication to rehab, number of dislocations, and associated injuries. If surgery is required, return to sport can take longer.

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My knee cap is dislocated n will not stop popping n snapping I saw a specailist about it how long will I have to waite for surgery to be booked?

Patella Dislocation. The patella dislocates laterally towards the outside of the knee in people with malalignments of the patella and patella tendon. Kicking, explosive and cutting sports increase the risk. Weakness of the vastus medialis muscle that tracks the patella in the midline is a factor. The cracking is called crepitus and is a sign of arthritis in the knee cap. Patella realignment is not a surgical emergency. Read more...