Why do I have so much saliva?

Hormones. The hormones of pregnancy do cause hypersalivation for some women. It is a hard problem to address. There really are not medications you can take to decrease it.
Visit your dentist. Some healthy patients do have much saliva. I suppose other conditions may cause this. I would follow up with your dentist.
Spit is good! Too much saliva isn't an issue. There are certain protective factors in saliva that help prevent cavities. It's too little saliva that is a problem, so dont sweat it...No worries!

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Why do I have so much extra saliva when I wake up?

Might be pooling up. Saliva is always being produced and youmight mnot be swallowing that much when you are sleeping.
Count it a blessing! Count it a blessing! Saliva is your friend.... Without it your mouth becomes acidic because there is no way to flush the bacteria and balance the ph. The acidity causes tooth decay!