How would wearing a knee-brace help with a pinched meniscus?

Help negate reinjury. A pinched or torn meniscus can cause pain. The torn meniscus can get caught with motion across the joint as the loaded knee flexes and extends. This could cause further damage to the meniscus. The goal of the brace is to limit the risk of further injury or damage to the already injured meniscus.
Helps with swelling. A knee brace will support the knee and via compression will help to minimize swelling.

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Is it safe to play football while wearing a knee brace for a torn meniscus?

Knee brace. A knee brace can limit some excursion of the knee but it won't prevent catastrophic injuries or tears.

Could a knee brace help relieve the pain from a torn meniscus?

Yes. A knee brace can help relieve some of the discomfort of a torn meniscus. A simple hinged brace will limit your range of motion and by that measure limit the pressure you place on the meniscus. There are also more customized braces designed to unload the side of the knee with the torn meniscus. These are referred to as unloader braces. Off the shelf and custom fitted models are available.
Have it evaluated. Different knee conditions may need different types of treatment. Have your knee evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment for your condition.

Have a possible torn meniscus, does a knee brace help til surgery?

Some. A serious knee brace helps people with an unstable knee prevent further knee damage until surgery is done. For just the meniscus tear, some people are more comfortable in a brace, but it's not "helping" the problem. That being said, it's not hurting either. Some of my patients like them, but I would not recommend paying a lot unless your knee has torn ligaments, .

If I have medial meniscus surgery will I have a knee brace after surgery?

Possibly or ace. Wrap. Discuss with your ortho. About what to expect after surgery. Take care! Http://www. Medicinenet. Com/script/main/mobileart. Asp? Articlekey=103662.

What is the best knee brace for post surgery meniscus tears. The brace issued to me feels to cause pain more so than relive it.

If you are. Having pain as a result of wearing your knee brace, contact your orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist and request a different one.
Depends. Depends on the surgery. With partial meniscectomy where the damaged part of the meniscus is removed typically no brace is needed. With meniscal repair a brace is usually used to control the amount of bend in the knee postop. Check with your surgeon.
Meniscus tear. May not even need a brace for meniscus surgery, check with your orthopedic surgeon.

What type knee brace would you suggest for a torn meniscus I've had surgery to fix it yet I still have a lot of instability issues?

Hinged brace + PT. The best braces to decrease the chances of having instability episodes are hinged knee braces. Even with these braces, however, you may still experience instability. Your best bet to decrease these episodes is to begin a focused exercise protocol to strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, and hip abductor & adductor muscles. I often prescribe physical therapy for these injuries.

Is a sports knee brace recommended after meniscus surgery?

Not usually. Bracing after meniscus resection is not used. Bracing after meniscus repair is usually used for 4-6 weeks post operatively to limit flexion to 90 degrees while meniscus heals. After meniscus heals (about 6months), a functional brace for sports is not used.