Does pubic hair turn grey?

Yes. The age and hormonal changes that cause head, armpit and chest hair to get grey, also causes pubic hair to turn grey as well.

Related Questions

Could it be healthy for a 26 year old to have gray pubic hair?

It probably. Has no relationship with your overall health, if that is the only "symptom", some people just start to go gray sooner than others.

What causea my armpit and pubic hair to turn grey?

Advancing years. Maturity. All hair tends to become white or grey with advancing years in most people. Armpit ; pubic hair is not different in this regard.

I have gray itchy patches right where my pubic hair is (close to the vagina) any idea what it is / how to treat it?

Needs evaluated. I would be concerned about possible early genital warts and I would see a gynecologist or at least your family doctor to take a look.

6-8 of the hair follicles on the base of my penis in the pubic hair region have raised a bit and turned darkish-gray or black? Genital warts?

Possible cysts. Hard to say without more history and seeing photos of these lesions, but they could be due to clogged hair follicles - black color could be due to oxidation or old blood. I cannot rule out possibility that these are genital warts or something else. Go see your clinician asap for an exam, tests if needed, and appropriate management. Take Care.