Is chinese medicine effective for a old knee injury?

Could be. But it also depends on what chinese medicine you are thinking of. Medicine or acupuncture.
Possibly. There are different methods used in chinese medicine. Acupuncture, pressure point stimulation and massage to name a couple. Depending on the type and extent of your injury, these modalities and others may turn out helpful.

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What is the best self administered treatment for a minor knee injury?

RICE. R - rest, until the injury heals. I - ice, for about 20 minutes at a time, applied directly to the injured area, for as long as there is pain or swelling. C - compression, use of an elastic ace bandage or neoprene knee sleeve that may be purchased from the local pharmacy. E - elevation, keep the injured knee above the level of the heart. Medications such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen may also help. Read more...

My doctor recommended I use a blood stimulation kit. What do you think? Http://www. Kingbrand. Com/knee-injury-treatment. Php? Ref=boris1011

Not sure. I am not familiar with this device and have therefore not recommended it to any of my athletes. There are many ways to achieve te same results that this device intends- not sure of proven safety. It is important to know what specific knee condition you have. It is important to tailor a program to recovery as quickly and safely as possible. Read more...

I had a right knee injury while surfing. No treatment but 1 year later the back of the knee and calf feel tight/swollen with activity. Any ideas?

Look at compensatory. patterns from the injury (trauma vectors). If your knee is involved, it also means there's compensation going on below and above at the calf, soleus, and ankle muscles to balance this. Also above is the quads, hamstrings, hips and low back. Get a second opinion and treatment from a neuromusculoskeletal medicine specialist (NMM) doctor of osteopathic medicine for more answers. Read more...