Do skull fractures require surgery?

Usually not. Most skull fractures will not need surgery & will heal over time (a month or two). Very occasionally, we will have to operate for 1 of several problems that can be assoc w/ them: acute bleeding, in-driven bone, & CSF leak are the 3 most frequent (although most CSF leaks heal w/o surgery too). A skull fracture should be under the care of a doctor of course, but most (not all) heal w/ min problems.
Depends. The answer depends on the kind of skull fracture. If the skull is depressed, that is broken in towards the brain, then it can press on the brain and cause problems. Any fracture should be followed up by a physician or other healthcare provider to make sure there are no late complications such as bleeding.
Head injury. Since there a chance for internal bleeding into brain, they need to be checked and observed, if bleeding happens people need an emergency surgery.

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Ideal treatment for depressed open skull fractures?

Surgery. An open, depressed skull fracture may require surgery. A ct scan can be used to help the neurosurgeon determine proper treatment.

Do ping pong skull fractures in neonates cause brain damage?

Should not. The ping-pong skull fracture is akin to a greenstick fracture of the long bones in children." should not cause any brain damage unless there was bleeding into the brain... http://emedicine. Medscape. Com/article/343764-overview.
Ping pong fractures. Pinp pong skull fractures do not usually cause brain damage unless the child had a seizure or showed neurological injury at the time of the fracture and this is quite rare.
Usually not. Ping-pong fractures are localized fractures of the skull that lead to the indentation of the skull. The underlying dura is intact and acts as a barrier to prevent damage or injury to the underlying brain. Over time, the fracture tends to remodel so that it is no longer indented. The patient is unlikely to have brain damage.

What's the fastest recovery time of a tbi with 5 brain bleeds 3 skull fractures and a glasgow coma of 3?

Hard to predict. You are describing a very severe brain injury. Recovery time is hard to predict, but is never fast. The earlier you see any improvements, like increasing gcs, the better. And the faster that you see these improvements, the better. Recovery from an injury this serious takes many months to years, and most people do not return completely to the way they were.
Varies. The speed of recovery depends on the size and location of the brain bleeds and the skull fractures. Oftentimes, gcs of 3 may be the initial gcs but this may improve rapidly with resuscitation and neurosurgical intervention.

2 people got into a car accident 10 days ago. One had 3 skull fractures and a collapsed lung, 1had 1 skull fracture. How long in a hospital? Age 8, 11

Depends on damage. If they are not depressed fractures, just liiar fractures, no intracranial injuries including epidural hematoma, and no neuralogical signs will go home with in few days with close follow up for next few months.
Very serious. These 2 accident victims are young with serious injuries. They may be in hospital a long while. They may need rehab, physical therapy, and home health. Okay to ask the care team about their day to day progress and prognosis.