Are there long term effects from a head injury?

Yes. Especially if there is repeated injuries over time. This can produce personality changes, difficulty thinking, memory loss, difficulty sleeping, headaches and dizziness, usually resolving within a few days or weeks. Can develop into a chronic condition with the same symptoms.
Many. Concussive head injury has many issues that can lead to problems with concentration, memory, emotional liability, sleeping problems and headaches. If long term issues are present, an MRI of the brain is recommended to look for other structural problems.
Not always. There is a lot of current thought about concussions and late effects. Other tbi is associated with chronic symptoms and problems.
Depends on severity. As a general rule of thumb, the more severe the brain injury, the more permanent and debilitating damage will result. Effects can be immediate or long term, and can be physical, cognitive, or emotional. Traumatic brain injury is classified as mild, moderate, or severe.

Related Questions

Could you tell me what are long term effects from a bad head injury?

Brain injury. Brain injury can cause many different types of cognitive and emotional deficits. The first step is to establish what the deficits are by having a neuropsychological evaluation. Then speech and cognitive therapists will help provide exercises and routines to improve or manage these deficits.
Brain injury. In addition to cognitive and/or emotional problems, other damage could manifest as weakness/paralysis, nerve deficits/sensory loss, seizures, hydrocephalus, and even things like ventilator dependence or need for a feeding tube.

What are common recurring/long term effects of head injury?

Head injury. Depends on the severity of the head injury. Mild to moderate head injury the long term effects can be minimally. In a severe head injury then head aches, memory loss, cognitive issues among others can be issues.

Can you tell me some long term effects of sustaining a pretty bad head injury for a child?

Long term effects. A child who experiences sever tbi may exhibit many consequences including motor handicaps, intellectual abnormalities, spasticity, alterations in the normal expected pattern of development, intellectually, motor and social. Many of the affected children will require special education services. Seizures occur frequently.

What would be the most common long term effects of sustaining a pretty bad head injury for a child?

Depends on degree. The degree of injury can give you an indication of the potential long term effects. Those patients requiring surgery with prolonged coma before "waking up" have more extensive neurological dysfunction. Those that wake up can have: cognitive deficits, developmental delay, focal weakness, spasticity or increased tone. Hydrocephalus can develop years later as a result of cerebral degeneration.