What can cause knee pain after an ACL suregery and meniscal repair?

Many things. Knee pain and stiffness is common for months after acl surgery. The meniscus surgery generally is the faster part to recover from in 3-6 weeks. Remember that most high level athletes will not return to contact sports for 4-6 months minimum after acl surgery.

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I have been doing physiotheraphy for 3 months after an ACL replacement surgery. I still can't fully extend the knee & get a severe knee pain?

See your ORS. Inability to fully extend knee @3 months post-op is abnormal.Either you have developed a knee contracture or possibly your acl reconstructed graft is not isometric.In either case see your ors and discuss treatment options. Read more...

6 months after an ACL surgery and meniscus repair and knee is still unstable? What could be the reason? Thanks

Knee instability. Depending on how long you were immobilized after surgery, you may have weakness in the affected limb/knee and should be going to or have gone for Physical Therapy. If it is still unstable, have a repeat MRI to make sure the surgery was performed properly and that the ligament has healed properly. Read more...