What physical therapy techniques can be used with ankle injuries?

It would depend. On the injury. Physical therapy can consist of range of motion excercises, muscle power excercises. It can consist of reduction of swelling, breaking up adhesions. Therapists have equipment like galvanic stimulation, ultrasound machines, lasers etc.
ROM and stretching. Physical therapy for ankle injuries is typically centered around regaining motion and building resistance from there. Plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, inversion, and eversion are the primary ankle motions that are practiced and it may start with basic "alphabet" motions of the ankle to more advanced resistance bands to balance exercises. Much of this depends on the phase of the injury.
See below. There are many techniques that can be used to rehab an ankle. Drawing the alphabet. With the heel of the foot, doing a "windshield" movement with the foot flat on the floor, seated calf raises, single leg standing, eversion and inversion isometrics using a wall or a band as resistance, gastrocnemius and soleus stretches, single leg calf raises, single leg stand on a towel and lateral steps help.

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What physical therapy techniques are used in ankle injuries?

Many. Ice and elevation is paramount. Then rest, compression and crutches. Following this, gentle stretching, and proprioception exercises are used. Good taping and strapping are improtant. Proper immobilizaiton will be use. Other modalities may be used but these are the main ones. Read more...
Injury. The goal of therapy is to restore normal function, strength and range-of-motion to the affected area.; in the ankle, this would include stretching, active and passive range-of-motion exercises and resistance exercises. The best person to see would be a physical therapist who can evaluate the injury and develop a specific therapy program suited to the individual need. Read more...