Can I have a heart attack from too much exercise?

Yes. The heart is a muscular organ and like any muscle can be overworked to the point of failure. Studies have shown that even well trained marathon runners show signs of heart failure during marathons. To avoid overexerting your heart, train in a graduated fashion in moderation. Work with your physician and a trainer to establish a good cardio training regimen.
No. Theoretically yes, but in actuality, the risk is exceptionally low, even in people with known heart disease. In your age group, the answer is no with confidence.

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Can too much exercise lead to a heart attack?

Pace yourself. Regular exercise lowers long-term risk by improving many heart risk factors. But if someone already has plaques & inflammation in their arteries, a heart attack could occur during exercise, esp if we overdo it like extreme weightlifting (which makes blood pressure shoot up) or getting very dehydrated racing on a hot day. Use common sense by building up workouts gradually under safe conditions.
Possible. Usually the other way around! But one can precipitate with too much in the face of atherosclerosis. 86 year old shoveling snow as example.

Could you have a heart attack from too much stress?

Yes. Sometimes too much stress of grief also can cause heart attack. Please look at takotsubo syndrome.
Yes. Stress can increase the demand for blood flow to the heart. If the coronary arteries have blockages, then they may not be able to supply enough blood to the heart muscle and a heart attack can occur. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy or "broken heart syndrome" can also be caused by stress. This condition causes the heart to enlarge and pump poorly.

Could you have a heart attack from too much stress buildup?

Stress. Is associated with developing heart disease over a prolonged period of time. There is something called "broken heart syndrome" which mimics a traditional heart attack but the damage is reversible with beta blockers.
Not necessarily. Takes atherosclerosis and risk factors and stress to tip the boat! Most commonly.

I've been on a junk food and no exercise stint for 3 months. I eat excess sugar n fat every day. I'm 25 can I have a heart attack right now from it?

You are not. Helping ward one off with those activities, but those things alone aren't enough. Risk factors for premature heart disease include genetic predisposition, diabetes, male sex, overweight, sedentary, smoking, seriously elevated cholesterol, and hypertension. See your doctor for a risk assessment and knock off the junk food, . ...Use the money for a gym membership.
Depends. Not likely at your age, but keep it up and in about 5 years that will change. You know what you are doing isn't good for you. Fix it now.

How common is for a 5'9 21 year old overweight male and don't exercise to have a heart attack?

Very Unusual. It would be very unsual. Excercise, along with refraining from smoking and a balanced diet would help you long term. Calculate your risk here: http://cvdrisk. Nhlbi. Nih. Gov/.

32yo, bmi=32, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia & anxiety. My fibro pain/anxiety makes me fear i'll have a heart attack during much needed exercise. Help!?

Stress test. To ease your mind ask your doctor to refer you for a simple treadmill stress test where you can exercise under a controlled environment and determine if you have any cardiac risk.
Get Checked Out. You need a cardiac evaluation, if only for your piece of mind. That should provide useful information to deal with your exercise planning.