How can you reduce the risk of concussion?

Prevent hitting head. Concussions are caused by trauma to your brain. Avoiding activities which involved hitting you head is the best prevention. Wearing a seat belt or using a car seat when driving are important. Likewise, wearing proper helmets for motor sports, contact sports, riding a horse or skiing will minimize chance of concussion. In the home remove tripping hazards and install handrails.
Prevention. Prevention and taking safety precautions is the key: here are some suggestions from an article on our practice website: http://cpancf.Com/articles_files/preventing_summertime_head_injuries.Asp.
Proper Equipment. The best way to avoid a concussion is to use proper protective equipment when applicable. Football helmets and other helmets should be fitted correctly and inspected for undue wear. In activities without protective headgear, concussions may not be directly avoidable, but should be recognized quickly and treated appropriately to prevent long-term adverse effects.