I have no incurance having a tummy tuck with a groin hernia repair. A general surgeon is assisting in hernia repair. Average cost of general surgeon?

Speak with surgeon. A surgeon may be willing to adjust the fee for a full prepay and will be willing to discuss this with you. However there is more than just the surgeon's fee which includes operating room, special equipment, as well as implants such as mesh.
Ask the surgeon. It will be less than the 'tummy tuck' best way is find out from the surgeon.
I would bet that. The cost for health insurance for a year would be a lot less than the surgeon fees, anesthesia fees, and hospital fees to fix your hernia.
Insurance Coverage? Hernia repairs are usually covered through insurance plans. If not, and you are planning on paying out of pocket, you will need to check with the general surgeon in regards to costs associated with the procedure.
Ask your surgeon. Hernia repair cash prices will vary by the general surgeon's fee schedule. Additional operating room time and anesthesia time will probably also increase the bill. Ask beforehand. You might also be able to shop different surgery center prices.