How long will a knee be swollen after ACL and meniscus surgery typically?

Generally 3-6 weeks. Not all knee injuries are the same, but most knees demonstrate a progressive reduction in swelling over the 3-6 week range after reconstructive surgery.
2-6 weeks. Depending on the type of graft chosen, the knee can be swollen for anywhere between 2-6 weeks. It can last longer if the patient does not progress well with physical therapy, a very important component of a successful ACL reconstruction!

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I cannot straighten my knee, I had knee surgery several years ago, ACL and meniscus. Could I have damaged more meniscus? Can I avoid another surgery?

Maybe not.... An acute inability to straighten the knee often results from a torn meniscus, or a "loose body" within the knee. In addition to a good examination, you would need xrays and perhaps an MRI scan. If this is longstanding, but you are functional and pain-free, perhaps an exercise regimen would be all you need...You need to see an orthopaedic knee specialist... Read more...

I am 35 year old having ACL and meniscus tear. Should I go for arthoscopic knee surgery or not?

Arthroscopic Surgery. If you have symptoms ( swelling, effusion, locking , catching , giving out. Etc) and you had MRI scan then yes you should consider a'scopic acl reconstruction and meniscal repair or partial menisectomy if you have sedentary life , play no sports and do not have many symptoms then you may try physical therapy for 4-6 weeks. Read more...