Is it normal to take a full year to recover form a torn acl?

Possible. After any surgery, it takes time to heal from it. Most people with ACL repair surgeries will take 3-4 months to feel like the knee feels stable and stronger as the graft sets in. It can take up to 9-12 months to fully heal. Following your doctor's orders are key and when rehab starts follow it to a T. You will do just fine. If you are concerned talk to your doctor. Check Regenexx.Com.
Generally, yes. Full recovery is different for each patient. Div. I college athletes or similar may take a year to get back to their baseline high level of athletic prowess. One can usually start jogging by 3 months and advance steadily from that point toward cutting sports out by 4-6 months. That is just the beginning on the road to full recovery, but it is a big step. So, "yes" to 1 year for full recovery.
6-12 months. Typical return to sports (ultimate outcome) is 6-12 months.