Injured left hip when seated leg press machine I was on slammed forward. Chiro keeps realigning me but pain returns. How to heal hip? Hard to sleep.

See a doctor ? Have you considered seeing a doctor ? Usually it’s a good idea to see someone if injured to make sure there is nothing serious. ? Chiros will just charge you money over and over again to come back and get “ realigned”. But what does that do if you have an occult fracture ? A tendon injury ? Stop wasting your money on a quack and see a doctor. .
Physical therapy . First the hip should be x-rayed to see if fracture exists. Physical therapy to work out any non=fracture strain will help it to heal. An anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen will help alleviate pain and help with sleep. An analgesic rub such as biofreeze or capsaisin may also help.