What is the best treatment for increase in tears?

Tearing. Tearing is most often due to reflex tearing due to ocular irritation. This is often due to allergies, dry eye, blepharitis, rosacea, foreign body, and many other causes. Try artificial tears, warm compresses and ointment at night. If no improvement or worsening, see an eye doctor. Tearing can also be related to blocked tear drainage system.Which needsfurther evaluation as well.
Increased tearing. Here i assume you are asking about increased tearing rather than ways to increase your tearing. Increased tearing can be from an obstruction of tear outflow / drainage or from reflex tearing. In reflex tearing, the eyes are dry as a baseline, and some external factor (wind, etc.) dries them just a little bit more, which stimulates an outpouring of tears. Artificial tear use can help prevent this.