With surgery for hyperthyroidism, how soon before the symptoms like rapid heart rate, anxiety, lack of concentration leave? (partial thyroidectomy)

2-3weeks. Thyroid levels tend to take a long time to level out after removing the source of the hyperthyroidism. The thyroid metabolites have a long half life and remain in the system even after a thyroidectomy. The rapid HR and anxiety should get better first followed by the issues of concentration.

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Could taking cod liver oil cause your heart rate to spike and blood pressure or would that just be anxiety and OCD worrying about the vitamins A&D?

Cod liver oil. In the U.S., it is unlikely to have significant deficiencies of either vitamin A or D. There is usually no need to take cod liver oil or any other supplement of these vitamins. Having said that, cod liver oil does not usually cause the symptoms you're describing. They certainly could be due to anxiety. I would stop the cod liver oil, and if the symptoms persist, see your doctor. Good luck. Read more...

Can anxiety cause problems even if ur heart never races. Like can u have anxiety issue without rapid heart rate or panic attack?

Yes you can. Some anxiety manifests more in worrying, tension, insomnia, etc, rather than physical symptoms like fast heart rate. Physical symptoms like that and others (including fatigue and headache) are still very common. You don't have to have panic attacks for anxiety to bother you either. Help is available if you work with a psychologist who understands these things, or a psychiatrist too. Read more...