How long does arms numb or tingling associated with carpal tunnel syndrome last?

Never. Cts does not cause your arms to go numb. There must be another reason, i.e. Toc or cervical in origin are but a couple of sources.
It depends... With appropriate conservative treatment, carpal tunnel syndrome can be successfully addressed and can be resolved. However, severe or long-standing carpal tunnel syndrome often requires surgical intervention to improve symptoms. Without intervention, these symptoms can become permanent.
Varies. Carpal tunnel syndrome causes numbness and tingling in the hand. If it is persisting that is a sign of more sever damage and should be evaluated by a hand surgeon.
Depends. Carpal tunnel syndrome can make your arm go numb. Get a hand surgery consult and have a nerve conduction study done. The symptoms can worsen over time and the longer it goes untreated the higher the chance of nerve damage.