Could lower back pain be a symptom of ovarian cancer?

Yes. Ovarian cancer usually presents with abdominal pain, bloating, urinary symptoms and weight gain which would indicate spread beyond the pelvis. This pain can easily radiate to the back, due to pressure on adjacent organs, etc.
Ovarian cancer. Most people do not have symptoms until advanced stages but if symptoms occur, they may include bloating, pain, early satiety (feeling full after a few bites) or change in urinary symptoms. So, yes back pain is a possible symptom.

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Heavy periods, bleeding between periods, dull cramping everyday, low back pain. Could it be Ovarian Cancer? Symptoms not normal for me

Discuss with doctor. There are lots of treatment options you can discuss with your doctor. Lysteda is a nonhormone medication designed for heavy periods. Some benefit from birth control pills, patch or nuvaring. Mirena (levonorgestrel) iud can stop your period in some cases. Consider an endometrial ablation such as genesys hta if you are done having children. These can be done in the safely and comfortably in the office. Read more...

I am having fertily issues atm would any of the test I will have show ovarian cancer? Has have low back pain indigestion on/off abdo tenderness+ weein

Need more info. Your symptoms are significant and warrant a visit to your OB/GYN now. A physical exam and maybe an ultrasound study are in order and would help answer your concerns. Read more...

Frequent urination, some pelvic pain & soreness right side, little nausea. Back pain but can't fully contribute as symptom. Scared of ovarian cancer?

Uti. The sudden onset would make me worry less about ovarian cancer but rather a UTI which by virtue of the pain and nausea, would make me worry about pyelonephritis although you did not say anything about fever. Go get evaluated and that should be the best way and the best thing for you. Read more...