Can a high arch in feet cause muscle pain in legs and feet?

Yes. Try wearing arch supports or orthotics and make sure you stretch. I.E achilles tendo stretching, calf stretches etc.
Yes. Having a high arch can cause a muscle inbalance with the muscles on the front of your leg and those in the back of your leg. The ones in front are working overtime trying to get your forefoot off the ground so you don't trip. See a podiatrist if your having problems so they can help with stretching, orthotics and shoes to wear.
Yes... Having an unsupported high arch can lead to muscle pain in the legs and the feet. Arch support can help provide stability to the arches.

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I run track (hurdles and polevault) my feet have been hurting and I was told to ask about fallen arches. I usually have high arches but when the pain began I noticed they were not nearly as high and a muscle feels pulled above my arch. My ankle also rolls

It . It could be all your activities have led to one or more ligaments to fatigue or even become sprained. Also, there is a major tendon that inserts into the center of the arch that begins as a muscle in the leg. The tendon could have been injured, and now it's unable to do its job in supporting the arch. A podiatrist or foot and ankle orthopedist is the place to start with this. Feel better. Read more...
Custom Orthotics. I recommend custom orthotics. I don't recommend it for track but outside of that you should be wearing them. Read more...