What causes adult strabismus?

Adult strabismus. Adult strabismus has multiple causes, including worsening of the natural eye alignment, trauma, brain tumors (rare), etc. If you are starting to have double vision, or if you are noticing trouble focusing, call your ophthalmologist for an appointment and have someone else drive you to the appointment.
Depends. New onset adult strabismus must be evaluated for possible stroke or tumor. Decompensation of corrected childhood strabismus is also possible.

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What can cause strabismus in adults?

Strabismus. Anything that can affect the brain, brainstem, or nerves to the eye muscles (trauma, stroke, aneurysm). Decompensating of congenital condition. Myasthenia gravis. Orbital fractures. Read more...

What causes an adult to get strabismus?

Strabismus. Common cause is refractive error in the eye. Less common is increase intracranial pressure or lesion involving cranial nerves #s 3/4/6 to the eyes. Read more...