How long does it take to get strabismus surgery for my eye?

Which type? Eye muscle surgery for strabismus may take 15 minutes to several hours, depending on the size and type of muscle/ eye deviation.
Not long. If you eyes are out of alignment and the appearance is disturbing, you can ask your ophthalmologist to re-align them surgically. The only delay is how long to get the appointment for evaluation, and how long to set up the surgery. This is not always covered by insurance however, so ask about that.

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How long would it take for strabismus surgery for my eye?

Outpatient surgery. Usually the procedure is under general anesthesia as outpatient. The actual procedure can take anywhere from 30 min to several hours depending upon the complexity of the problem.

After strabismus surgery how long does it take for the eye to settle in new position?

Quickly. Immediately after surgery, the eye should be in a good position. This shouldn't change much, but can slightly with healing over 2-3 weeks.

I had strabismus surgery two weeks ago and my left eye is not focusing well, my depth perception is off. How long does it take to heal?

?????????? Strabismus surgery re-aligns the eyes as a cosmetic /functional benefit. Full recovery would be 4-6 weeks but alignment should be good at this point. It will not recover poor vision if you have longstanding (years) visual loss (amblyopia) from the strabismus and any depth perception issue you had before surgery would likely remain. Please clarify this with your surgeon.

How long is it supposed to it take for my eye to heal from strabismus surgery?

Weeks to months. It can take several weeks for the redness and appearance of your eye to get back to normal. As far as correcting your double vision, this can sometimes take longer as the muscles, nerves, brain are trying to reconfigure themselves. The key is to maintain good follow-up with your surgeon so he/she can monitor your progress and decide if repeat surgery is needed as can be the case sometimes.
Up to a month. It depends on what you mean with healing. Closure of the incision takes a week or so. The final position of the eye may take a month. The redness gradually fades over three or so weeks. Re-operations may take longer.

How long will it take for eyes to be straight after strabismus surgery?

Depends... Ask your eye surgeon. It depends on how deviated the eyes were before. If he or she used adjustable sutures, it may be necessary to touch up your surgical correction.

One of my eyes turn outwards (extropia). I want to get strabismus surgery done. How effective would it be?

Very. Good cosmetic results are achieved in most patients who have strabismis surgery.
Alignment =surgery. Persistent alignment issues will often require delicate surgery on the muscles that move the eyeball have your eye dr refer you to someone who has completed the training to do thei special eye surgery. They are often affiliated with children's hospitals (more common in childhood) or medical schools.

How long does it last to dissapear my eye's congictivitis completely after strabismus surgery?

Several weeks. The conjunctival lining of the eye reacts very strongly to the manipulation and incisions in strabismus surgery. But healing generally is steady and certain. Over a period of 2-4 weeks, the eye lining will normalize and the eye will look fine.

How does an eye doctor know how much muscle to take in during strabismus surgery?

Deviation measured. The amount of muscle that must be recessed or resected is correlated to the strabismic deviation as measured in prism doipters.