Diagnosed w/ HPV wed via pap. No visible symptoms! Gyno said no other tests r needed & get pap in 1 year. Should I be concerned 4 warts & cancer?

Follow up with doc. Most hpv will resolve on its own. Approximately 5-10% of hpv infections may not resolve and eventually result in abnormal pap tests with pre-cancer changes. Following up regularly with your doctor is the most important step. If the pap smear changes, your doctor will discuss further treatment if needed. Keep following your doctor's instructions.
Relax. HPV is one of the most prevalent STI's.Years ago as many as 70% of college women tested positive for HPV antibody.We now understand that some strains are linked with cervical cancer so the annual pap smear women have done for decades becomes more focused. You can go your lifetime with HPV without problems or it could trigger a problem over years/decades.It is lower risk for men but should know.