How long does it take to see clearly after lasik eye surgery?

Very quickly. Some improvement immediately, rapid improvement over a few days, stability over a few months.
Varies. Most people can see clear enough to drive the next day, but it may fluctuate even for several weeks due to natural healing processes as with any surgery. Dryness can effect clarity and slight variations in vision can be expected.
Less than 24 hours. Most of my patients have near perfect vision by the following morning. Some have night fog and halos that last a few weeks, particularly when dry.
A few hours. I tell all my patients to go home and sleep for 3 hrs after surgery. When they wake up things are much clearer. When i see them the following day the vision can be slightly blurry similar to having "slept" in your contacts for a few hours. Most patients are very excited with their vision even just a few hours after surgery. It's one of the fastest visual recovery surgeries that we perform.