What is the difference between macular degeneration and night blindness?

Well, . Night blindness is congenital, due to disease of the rods. Macular is a disease of the central retina, due to degeneration of the membrane that nourishes it.
See below. Macular degeneration involves the macula (central retina). It therefore affects your central (not peripheral) vision such as in tasks involving reading, recognizing people's faces, etc. Night blindness can be caused by many diseases (not macular degeneration), where you have difficulty seeing under low-light (scotopic) conditions.
Many... Macular degeneration usually occurs in older patients and affects primarily the central vision. Night blindness can have genetic causes and is generally seen in children and younger adults. If present, this should be checked especially if accompanied by hearing loss. Retinitis pigmentosa is a common cause.