I am 32 years old and was told that I have age related macular degeneration. Is there a way that I can save my vision?

Yes. Long tern studies have show that eye vitamins, sunglasses, no smoking, and a healthy diet full of green leafy vegetables, like spinach and kale, and fish, can help to slow down the progression of macular degeneration. It might also be helpful to see a retinal specialist to determine if this is age related or hereditary, as the progression may vary with the different types.
Yes. 32 yrs is very early age to get amd. Should avoid smoking and high lipid diet. Need to rule out other causes.
? Diagnosis. By definition, people who are 32 don't develop age related macular degeneration. It's worth seeing a retina specialist to see if this is a variant (ie pattern dystrophy). Often, people who develop macular disease at a young age have a familial disposition, so your family members should get checked too.
Not correct. By definition a patient has to be 50 years of age to be diagnosed with age related macular degeneration. At 32, I imagine the signs of macular degeneration were seen called "drusen." There are inherited diseases that cause premature drusen to deposit. The most common is called "Dominant Drusen" and runs in the family. Best to get a second opinion by a reputable retina specialist...