What is a normal heart rate per minute for 6 mo old baby?

Age & activity relat. There is a range of accepted normal heart rate for infants that varies with sleep/wake/activities & deciding when they are transitioning from one state to the next is sometimes hard. 0-3m awake 85-205, asleep 80-160; 3m-2yr awake 100-190 & asleep 60-140.

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What is a normal heart rate for a 34 week fetus? I am 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I am contracting every 4-5 min for about a minute to a min and a half long the babies heart rate goes up to 180 during a contraction

Usually . Usually it is between 120-160. Please notify your doctor about that rate of contractions as that is concerning. Please go to the hospital and have a complete evaluation immediately. Do not drive yourself. Read more...